Our Goal:
Teaching Christian Fundamentals Often Overlooked

Owning Our Salvation means knowing with certainty that God is continually with us, that our broken lives were accepted by Him in exchange for the renewed lives He has given us; that we live securely in His eternal presence, having received infinite unearned value as adopted members of His family; that there is never a need to ask Him to be with us, because He is always with us, just as He promised; that we are confident and thankful for His presence, living with Him in a relationship of everlasting love and forgiveness.

Growing Our New Nature means cultivating the unique identity God intended when He made us, developing that identity through repentance and prayer, while abandoning the behaviors of our old worldly identity; being confident and thankful that He enables us to become who He made us to be; knowing that our task is to labor together with Him to resist the habits of our old nature, as we nurture and grow our new nature; learning to see what is true from his perspective, with assurance that He is always with us to help and strengthen us, even in times of discouragement and despair.

Being Thankful for All Things means embracing with total acceptance whatever circumstances we encounter, expressing thankfulness continually, no matter how painful or difficult our situations may be, just as Christ gave thanks before giving up His life, knowing that God is always with us, that He is always in control, that He uses our hardships in mysterious and incomprehensible ways for unimaginable good, to promote and enable the training and growth of our new Godly identity.

Developing Christian Maturity means living a life that is motivated by Christ who lives within us; expressing thankfulness in every situation, as He enables us to grow our new identity; resisting the temptations of our old identity, as we exemplify Godly character to others, continually maturing and becoming more like Him until the day we finally see Him, face-to-face.

These Biblical principles were taught and chronicled by Dr. Maurice E. Wagner, pastor, psychologist, and founder of Christian Maturity Ministries, Inc. The purpose of this ministry is to equip Christians in developing their sense of personal identity, the quality of their personal relationships, and the depth and closeness of their relationship with God, all in accord with the fundamental teachings in God’s Word.
Maturity in us as Christians can be measured by the level of rejoicing we exhibit when things do not go our way.

Romans 5:1-5 explains this new orientation of our hearts because of the absolute security we have in Christ (verse 1). Being educated in the Scriptures and having an understanding of theology, even to the level of being a teacher, is helpful but is not necessarily a measure of maturity. A young Christian with minimal theological education may display maturity when suffering comes because he is secure in his justification and rejoices.