The Bible is very clear . . .

Christian growth starts with birth.
Jesus said, “you must be born again.”( John 3:7) The Spirit of God takes residence in the person and a new nature is born. It is weak and needs constant attention like a newborn baby. It is a new identity that is at war with the old nature, but it needs to grow in order to win the fight - and it is a fight to the death!.

Paul elaborates, that the new nature and the old nature are as different as life and death.(Colossians 3:1-17) Living in the resurrection, Growing the new nature, the new identity, is at the heart of Christian education and the focus of CMMI.

Behavior changes do not grow the new nature, but just the opposite is true. As the new nature matures, the behavior changes for the better. To jump over growing the new nature and concentrating on reforming behavior puts the old nature in a dominate role. The result is religious pride and an emphasis on feelings and experience.

The old nature is very good at imitating good behavior for selfish reasons. The Bible clearly teaches that the old nature, the self, must die. This death is not automatic because we are told to put it to death. It can be illusive, hiding behind religious works. To find it look at the motivation. If it is self-centered, self-justifying, or looking for glory in this life, then it is old-nature. If thanksgiving is absent or anger is present, if there is suffering and “unanswered prayer,” causing complaining like,
“What have I have done to deserve this,” or “why is God not doing what I want.” then the old nature is active. (Matthew 7:21-23)

So what matures the new nature?
The new nature’s food is the Word of God. Its breathing is praise and thanksgiving. It exercises its faith muscles in the gymnasium of suffering. Going through the things that it does not like without self-condemnation, rather rejoicing. (Romans 5: 1-8) As the new nature grows the behavior of the Christian becomes more like Christ. It is the resurrection life centered in the authority of Jesus Christ.(Col 3:1) It is not verified or encouraged by circumstances, rather it looks to the Bible, which points to Christ, for its verification. (Philippians 4:6-7)

The ability to HELP others is the result of “maturity.” This is what CMMI wants Christians to achieve. “Bearing one another’s burdens” is a one to one relationship. Accomplishing this fulfills “the Law of Christ.”(Galatians 6:2)
When this is experienced in a church, the pastor is relieved of the burden of counseling. People with problems will find solutions from their ”Caring Christian Friends”who will be able to help solve most of these problems together.

Christian Maturity Ministries, Inc. is committed to achieving this goal in the USA and overseas church. CMM provides Bible study material in native languages, seminars, and workshops. In addition, where there is physical need (especially in our overseas projects) CMM acts as a conduit for funds to relieve the suffering that hinders spiritual growth.