Faith Coach Connections
Terri Benedix - Personal Life Coach
P.O. Box 387
Atascadero, CA 93423

Consider Your Path...
Are you struggling in your every day life, feeling disconnected to God and/or other people?
Do painful memories keep you from having peace of mind?
Have you been suffering with feelings of anger, fear, insecurity or loneliness?

A “Faith Coach” connection with Terri may be the answer you’re looking for!

She stands on the truth from the founder of Christian Maturity Ministries, Dr. Maurice Wagner, that “no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, you are somebody to God! Life Coach Connections is passionate about helping women find their true identity through an intimate relationship with God. Once this foundation is established there are endless combinations of information Terri has to share with you to develop your communication skills, strengthen your relationship with God and others and more.

Do you need to....
“Manage Your Anger, Fear and Guilt God’s Way”
“Develop Your Identity God’s Way”
“Develop a Worry Free Mind and Have a Soul That Celebrates Life”
“Connect to God Through Christlikeness”

What is Faith Coaching?
Faith Coaching is designed as a one-on-one approach to becoming the person God meant you to be. Faith Coach Connections is a non-denominational, Bible based program that provides a Caring Christian Friend who will listen and help you focus on solutions to your problems. It is similar to having your personal coach at the gym. You get personal instruction for keeping physically fit. This is having a personal coach to give instruction on how to be spiritually fit.

It is similar to life coaching in that it offers support and direction in your life.
Terri Benedix specializes
faith-coaching women.

*Coping with Chronic Illness
*Marriage and Family
*Parenting Problems
*Faith Coaching

or Terri will adapt to your specific needs.
Find your true connection to God