Add Meaning to Living

Terri offers a wide variety of courses in the “Add Meaning to Living” series. She has been speaking in seminars, workshops, class settings and retreats in California and in other states.
She has the ability to help women by presenting Gods Word and Dr. Wagner’s materials through her unique word pictures, fresh insights and practical applications to life.
Her main objective through all of her work is to reveal to women how it is possible to have a complete and whole identity through God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
She is able to honor your requests for special topics, minister in song and/or share her artwork for your event.
Seminar Topics Offered in the - Add Meaning to Living Series
  • Developing Your Self-Concept God’s Way
  • Managing Anger, Fear and Guilt God’s Way
  • Develop a Worry Free Mind and a Soul that Celebrates Life
  • Develop Christlikeness - Hope and transformation for the broken life
  • Parenting God’s Way -
  • Living Through a Season of Suffering - Learning to Grieve and Grow God’s Way
  • Lord Heal My Hurts - Learning how the Find Joy in Your Journey
  • Building Loving and Lasting Relationships
  • Seasons of Suffering - Learning to Grieve and Grow God’s Way
  • The Joy of His Presence - God heard You, but have you heard Him?
  • Tend to Your Negative Tendencies - Practical Solutions for the daily battles of the mind